Careers at MurphySchmidt

MurphySchmidt has a strong culture founded on mutual respect, collaboration, integrity and performance excellence. 

We are committed to supporting the development and growth of our people in order for them to reach their full potential and achieve the best outcomes for our clients. 
MurphySchmidt values the importance of equity and diversity among our staff, and the impressive contribution our differences make to the achievements of our team. 
Due to our extensive training and continual professional development programmes, strong reputation in the profession and commitment to giving back to the community, we are an employer of choice for the best experts in our field. 
Please visit our ‘Currently Recruiting’ page for a list of current employment opportunities with MurphySchmidt. 

Reputation for Excellence

MurphySchmidt is known in the legal profession for providing the highest level of service to its clients.  All claims are handled by a partner and a solicitor from beginning until end, with every member of the firm contributing to our successes. 

Focus on People

We believe in the power of people - our clients and our staff- and value the importance of these relationships. All our staff have direct access to partners and we encourage honesty and communication with our open-door policy. Our aim of being an employer of choice means that our clients receive the best advice from experts in their area of speciality. 

Work/Life Balance

We are committed to professional excellence, but also recognise the importance of balancing work with family, study commitments, community involvement and health and wellbeing. We support our staff in achieving this with reasonable working hours, providing the opportunity for involvement in community work during business hours, and supporting those undertaking study.    

Benefits & Rewards

We offer a range of benefits including competitive salaries, opportunities for further learning, opportunities for flexible working arrangements and regular social functions. We value the importance of recognising the achievements and efforts of our staff and have established a culture of supporting one another, both formally and informally. 

Commitment to the Community

MurphySchmidt recognises the importance of giving back and we have a long history of contributing to the community. We are a founding member of LawRight (formerly QPILCH), to which we continue to actively contribute, as well as to the Caxton Legal Centre, Women’s Legal Service and the Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic. We also support a number of charities, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation, B105 Christmas Appeal and YoungCare. 

Learning & Development

MurphySchmidt is renowned for its commitment to the learning and development of its staff. Solicitors have files with each of the partners, which provides them with the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experience of the full extent of the partnership. With the belief that we benefit when our team achieves, we are committed to supporting our staff in reaching their goals.  MurphySchmidt established the Young Professionals Network in 2013 and hosts regular networking forums to bring together young professionals from across Brisbane to update their professional skills in an interesting and informative environment. 

Equity & Diversity

MurphySchmidt is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and support of equity and diversity. You can read more about the firm’s commitment here.