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MurphySchmidt’s unique culture is grounded in mutual respect, collaboration, integrity and excellence. We care as much about our team’s growth as we do about delivering results for our clients.

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Our Team

We value the importance of equity and diversity among our staff

We are committed to supporting the development and growth of our people in order for them to reach their full potential and achieve the best outcomes for our clients. 

Due to our extensive training and continual professional development programmes, strong reputation in the profession and commitment to giving back to the community, we are an employer of choice for the best experts in our field. 

Why work with us?

  • Excellence

    MurphySchmidt's reputation in the legal profession is second to none. Not only for the results we deliver but because all of our clients receive direct, end-to-end service from a principal and solicitor until the close of their claim. As a team member, you'll receive and give guidance to your colleagues every day. 

  • People First

    Because we believe in the power of people, all of our staff have direct access to principals for legal mentoring and career advice. Our open-door policy makes us an employer of choice and ensures that our clients receive exceptional advice resulting from teamwork and collaboration. 

  • Balance

    We know our people cannot be productive if they aren’t fulfilled in every area of their lives. Reasonable working hours, opportunities for community-focused work during business hours and supporting our team’s study and family commitments are some of the many ways we ensure our team thrives. 

  • Benefits & Rewards

    We offer a range of benefits including competitive salaries, opportunities for further learning, opportunities for flexible working arrangements and regular social functions. We recognise the achievements and efforts of our team by nurturing a culture of support, both formally and informally, every single day.

  • Commitment to the Community

    We have a proud history of contributing to the community. We are founding and active members of LawRight (formerly QPILCH) and our principals and staff volunteer at various community legal centres, charities, community organisations and professional bodies.

  • Learning & Development

    Every solicitor is mentored by a principal, working collaboratively on files. We hold regular training sessions for all staff and support attendance at external training. 

  • Equity & Diversity

    MurphySchmidt is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, equity and diversity. You can read more about the firm’s commitment here. 

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