Meet Our People

Our lawyers come from all walks of like, just like our clients. From our principals to our junior lawyers and support staff, our people are experts in their fields dedicated to helping you succeed. When it comes to personal injury law, we've seen it all. 

Support Staff

  • Wendy O'Donnell Wendy O'Donnell
    Wendy O'Donnell
    Finance Manager
  • Kirsten Leitch Kirsten Leitch
    Kirsten Leitch
    Accounts Clerk
  • Jarrod Hawkins Jarrod Hawkins
    Jarrod Hawkins
    Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Courtney Hajek Courtney Hajek
    Courtney Hajek
    Administrative Assistant
  • Siobian Oldham Siobian Oldham
    Siobian Oldham
    Administrative Assistant
  • Maddie Bach Maddie Bach
    Maddie Bach
    Administrative Assistant
  • Josie Mira Josie Mira
    Josie Mira
    Administrative Assistant
  • Paris Metcalf Paris Metcalf
    Paris Metcalf
    Administrative Assistant
  • Nicola Button Nicola Button
    Nicola Button
    Research Cadet
  • Coral James Coral James
    Coral James

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