Meet Sebastian

Principal | Legal Practitioner Director

Sebastian commenced his career at MurphySchmidt as a Research Cadet in 2004 and was appointed a Partner, now Principal, in July 2021. His commitment and contributions to the firm over that time have been extensive.

Sebastian brings a unique perspective to his work, having completed a medical science degree before undertaking his legal studies.  This, in conjunction with his strong knowledge of legislation and case law, enables him to quickly identify and grasp the key issues in a case, whilst his highly developed analytical skills and attention to detail ensure the best possible outcome for each of his clients.  

Dedicated and hard-working, Sebastian puts clients at ease with his friendly and respectful manner.

Sebastian is a strong advocate and enjoys the challenge of court work, as well as being an enthusiastic volunteer in the firm's programs with Anglicare and formerly with the LawRight Self Representation Service of the District and Supreme Courts and the Self Representation Service of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. He is a guest lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology School of Law and former Independent Director of Rugby League Brisbane Limited.

He also serves on the Queensland Rugby League Judiciary and Disciplinary Tribunals (Major Competitions), Brisbane Rugby League Judiciary and Disciplinary Tribunals and the Queensland Rugby League South-East Region Appels Tribunal. 

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