Equity and Diversity Statement

MurphySchmidt recognises that a firm is strengthened by the unique contributions and diverse skills and capabilities of its staff.    

We support and applaud our differences and it is ingrained in our culture that every staff member, irrespective of background, culture, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or abilities, feels valued and is treated with respect and dignity in order to achieve their full potential. 
Commitment to a fair and equitable workplace is vital for a resilient and successful firm. As a result we attract and retain the very best talent, have created a culture of harmony and respect, and encourage innovation- all elements which lead to a better outcome for our firm, our staff and our clients.  
Examples of our commitment to equity and diversity include:
  • Almost 70% of our staff and 75% of our partners are women.
  • We offer flexible working arrangements for working parents and those with caring responsibilities. 
  • We ensure equity in pay for both men and women.
  • We have zero tolerance for any action not supporting our commitment or any of our policies
  • We support the importance of mental health in the legal profession.