Public Liability

MurphySchmidt Solicitors Brisbane practises solely in the areas of accident compensation and wills and estates.
If you have been injured in a public place or in private premises or due to the actions of another person, you may be entitled to pursue a claim for damages.  It is worth talking to MurphySchmidt about your potential claim, even if the accident happened outside Queensland or overseas.
If you have been injured in a public place or in private premises or due to the actions of another person, contact 07 3303 9800 and speak to a partner of MurphySchmidt. 

Expert advice

Our expertise is grounded in our partners’ experience acting for people injured in accidents of every sort – work accidents, motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall, medical negligence, product liability, diving accidents, and any other situation where an injury has occurred because of another person’s negligence.
We can also assist you with estate issues such as making a will, administering an estate, guardianship and administration issues, making an enduring power of attorney, contesting a will and protecting property rights.

Time limits

Strict time limits apply to all claims.
To ensure you do not lose your entitlement, it is important that you contact MurphySchmidt as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

Free initial consultation

If you have been injured in any way, we are happy to talk to you about making a claim.  Whenever possible, we prefer to do this face to face so that you can meet one of our partners and properly discuss your potential claim.  If we are unable to assist you or you decide not to proceed with a claim, we will not charge you for that initial consultation.  
Similarly, we offer an obligation-free initial consultation to discuss your wills and estates enquiries.

Our fees

During our initial consultation we will discuss the basis upon which we charge for our services.  Many firms advertise that they act on a “no win, no fee” basis.  MurphySchmidt does not use that term.  
We will usually agree to act on a speculative basis.  This means we will only charge you for our professional fees if and when your claim is successfully finalised.
If you are consulting us about a wills and estates issue, we will discuss our fees and charges in detail before you decide if you wish to proceed.
Please feel welcome to speak to one of the partners at MurphySchmidt about your entitlement to make a claim.